Individual Counseling

Sometimes people just need someone to help them remember their own strengths, others may need somebody to teach them new tools to get their lives back on track. Each of us was created with a conscience and sometimes it gets dulled from the monotony of the day-to-day activities. My goal is not to do the work for you or to choose the path you take but to help you find the answers for yourself.

Counseling can be short term or long term. Sometimes we may just need someone to get us through a specific, difficult situation. Other times, we need somebody to help us look deeper. We need someone who will keep us accountable to ourselves to meet the goals that we really want to achieve. We need someone who takes a deeper look at why we do the same things over and over even when we know they are not working for us. Someone that can share some objective truth when we have strayed from what worked in the past.

Todd Sluder M.A. LPC
301 South Sherman St #202 Richardson, TX 75081
(469) 556-8336